Before we go


Wake up my love
It’s time to go
Open your eyes
Walk away from your dreams
Before we go,
I should tell you something
Before we go,
You should know
That we’ll be late
If we don’t start packing
Let’s split the plates
And the coffee machine
That those times we had
Were as good as kissing
I wish you the best
And no more wondering

Before we go,
I must tell you something
Before we go,
You must know

That this picture of us
It’s quite surprising
Fills me up with love
Instead of loathing
(That) after all why do we go?
(I) need some reminding
(I) just can’t recall
Why have we been fighting?
Before we go,
Let me tell you something
I don’t want to go
And that you should know
Wake up my love,
It’s time to go,
Please hold my hand
And never let it go


Isabelle – 2010

maxi zone

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